Piezosurgery in dentistry

Piezosurgery in dentistry

Piezosurgery (surgical operations with ultrasound) is now one of the most advanced technologies in the field of surgical dentistry, with its help such manipulations as tooth extraction, bone grafting and implantation of teeth are carried out. The tissue incisions are carried out with the help of ultrasound, so that surrounding gums, vessels and nerves are not injured, and the incision is made as thinly and precisely as possible. The main advantage of piezo surgery is a guaranteed and predictable result both in the treatment and in the implantation of teeth.



Indications for piezosurgery

Indications for the use of this method is the need for any surgical manipulation in dentistry, such as tooth extraction, bone tissue plasty, installation of dental implants, surgical treatment of teeth and gums.

The essence of the method of piezo surgery

Hard and soft tissue incisions in the oral cavity are made with the help of ultrasound, which allows you to make a hole, cut a piece of hard tissue of bone or teeth. The ultrasonic device operates at a distance. Under the influence of ultrasonic waves, even the hardest tissues are cut, while soft tissues are not completely injured.

Before the appearance of piezo-surgery in dentistry, a drill was used for these purposes, the use of which cost the patient unpleasant and even painful sensations that are absent when using ultrasound. In addition, unlike the drill, the piezo-surgical device allows operations in hard-to-reach places due to the possibility of affecting the tissues at a distance.



The apparatus of piezosurgery has become a good alternative to traditional methods. With his help, preparations are being made for the implant placement, and in case of insufficient thickness of the bone, the bone material is withdrawn and transplanted from difficult places for the drill.

It is also irreplaceable when performing a sinus-lifting operation (raising the bottom of the maxillary sinus), if it is not enough for the maxillary implants of bone tissue. Piezosurgery makes it possible to reduce the swelling and painfulness of procedures for the installation of implants and osteoplastic operations.


Surgery of the oral cavity

The method of piezo surgery is widely used in the removal of teeth, including teeth “wisdom”, as well as when removing the so-called “difficult” roots and various cysts. In addition, this technology is used for tooth-preserving operations in periodontics, strengthening of mobile teeth.

Advantages of piezo surgery:

minimal injury to oral tissues,
Minimization of the unpleasant consequences of the operation: no bleeding, swelling, significant pain, as a result, shortening the terms of rehabilitation,
painless operation,
speed of operation,
antibacterial effect of ultrasound, additional antiseptic treatment of the wound,
high accuracy of the operation,
the possibility of conducting an operation in hard-to-reach places.


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