Now we will share advice from dentists on the proper care of teeth and oral cavity. And also we will dwell in detail on the procedures for the treatment and elimination of pain. A more significant problem is the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity. You need to start treatment immediately.

If you do not start to treat them on time, then surgery is required. Perform such procedures at a quality level is possible only in a modern dental clinic with experienced personnel.

How often do I brush my teeth?

How many times a day do you brush your teeth? What does it depend on? It depends on a large number of factors: the level of health of your teeth, the acidity of saliva in the mouth, the presence of seals and more. Answering the question, the minimum number of procedures for cleaning teeth – once a day. But optimally, dentists advise, for proper dental hygiene, as well as oral care, is considered cleaning in the morning and in the evening.


One of the frequent questions from the staff of dentistry SmileHouse ask, what is the best way to brush your teeth. There are several options for varying degrees of efficiency. Optimum is the usual toothbrush. It is worth noting the fact that the electrical versions of this product do not have a high degree of efficiency, because because of the round shape of the bristled attachment there is no way to reach all places.

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If you follow the rules of dental care and preventive measures, such problems should not bother you. Treatment of teeth in the dental clinic M clinic you can implement, as well as make an appointment you can at a convenient time for you. Our administrators will remind you about the upcoming visit.


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