Sinus-lifting for dental implants

Sinus-lifting is a fairly common operation that is performed only on the upper jaw of the patient.

In what cases does the patient need an operation to build a bone

Sinus-lifting to patients can be shown in those cases where the height of the bone between the bottom of the maxillary maxillary sinus and the very edge of the bone ridge does not reach eight millimeters, which makes it very difficult, and in some cases simply impossible to place implants.

Technique of carrying out a sinus-lifting


In the clinics of dentistry In Georgia, such restoration operations have been successfully carried out during the last twenty years.

The essence of the method is that a dental surgeon, through a hole in the gum and bones, carefully pushes the bottom of the maxillary sinus with great care. The space formed due to the manipulation is filled with synthetic bone tissue, which increases the bone volume for implant implantation.


Since this method is rather complicated, the operation can be performed only by highly qualified dentists.


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