One of the most important components of the concept of “beauty” was, as they were, and remain a snow-white smile and healthy teeth. Modern people do not spare the means and time to care for their teeth, trying to get such a treasured “Hollywood smile.” Fortunately, modern dentistry has many different means of achieving this goal, cherished by the patients. However, if tooth care after bleaching is absent or is not performed correctly, the effect will be short-lived and unsatisfactory.

It should be understood that compliance with certain rules and professional care after bleaching are not desirable, but extremely necessary. Otherwise, the patient will be forced to repeat the complex of procedure and again spend precious time and money. From this article you will learn how to avoid the development of such an unfavorable scenario and keep the result obtained by fluoridation of teeth for the longest possible period.



Excessive use of refined products and insufficient hygienic dental care contribute to the emergence of a huge number of bacteria whose life-giving products cause demineralization of the enamel. In turn, this significantly increases the likelihood of developing various serious dental diseases. It should be noted that it is the negligent and irresponsible attitude to the problem that causes the various, extremely unpleasant complications that can be avoided. In most cases, the procedure of fluoridation of teeth and becomes an effective means by which you can solve a whole range of problems. The principle of technology is the saturation of the enamel with fluoride ions, through various gels, lacquers and solutions.



The procedure of fluoridation provides the teeth with reliable protection, and also significantly slows the development of caries. To date, there are 3 effective techniques for fluoridation of teeth:

  • The process of deep fluoridation of teeth;
  • Use of individual cap;
  • Application to fluorine lacquer enamel.

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