Prevention and treatment

Prevention and treatment

The global burden of oral disease can be reduced if the main risk factors act against it if:


Reduce the consumption of sugar and constantly protect the balanced diet rules, which will allow the formation of cavities in the teeth and tooth loss prevention

Eat fruits and vegetables

Stop tobacco and alcohol consumption, which will lead to a reduction in oral cancer, gum disease and the risk of tooth loss

Protect the rules of oral hygiene

Use protection in the form of engine damage

Protection of ecological safety

Ptorovani compounds are found in water, salt, milk. They are also part of the toothpaste. Pluoroidebis optimal level of long-term exposure to a significant obstacle to the formation of cavities in the teeth, both in children and adults.

Oral diseases are an intervention dentist, but because of limited access to medical services for the use of very low levels of rural and elderly people, and also, with low levels of education and income between people.


Oral care for countries with very poor and small and medium incomes.


Traditional treatment of dental services is a significant economic burden for many high-income countries, where public health expenditure is only 5-10% for oral health. Small and medium incomes of countries in oral health programs are rarely targeted. Dental care costs to avoid the most optimal way of preventing oral diseases.


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